Crazy to think that we began over 8 years ago as a CONCERT SERIES sound provider. That series has improved year by year and continues to book us not only as their sound team on site but their emcee and concert coordinator now! They are so proud of our working relationship in that series now, they have asked us to be the stage sponsor with our huge LOGO flying over the stage as the Netsound Stage!

In the early days, when we didn’t have 2 facilities packed with gear, I recall a scary moment when our entire arsenal was stolen with the trailer it all lived in. It took us a while to recover but through hard work and connections, we continued to successfully service all accounts and acquire the replacement gear. Nowadays, we are good-to-go for simultaneous, multiple-stage set-ups. We can handle up to 4 stages at the same time with PA, quality consoles, monitors, mics and boom stands, cables and all.

Because I am a musician and a keyboard playing band leader for years, I know what artists go through. I know how it feels when you sound is working against you, when everything is sounding rough or feeding back. When you lack a decent on-stage mix and can’t get the soundguy to help. My guys and I are experienced in creating a balanced mix that is both crowd pleasing and band approved. We seek to adequately reflect the vibe the band is creating and fill a venue with smooth and even coverage. We invest in gear that works hard for us and sounds great, without harshness or buzzing or excuses. I can’t think of any concert or band we have let down in our entire existence. We “do unto others as we would want them to do unto us,” it’s how we roll and it’s why we have a great reputation with bands, organizers and crowds of all ages.

We have MEYERS HP-700 double 18 subs in our arsenal as well as the KHSYS6 K-Array rig with the hammering KS5 double 21” subs. We have Midas M32 consoles and sennheiser drum mics as well as Audix mics. The QSC K12 monitors and P16 in ears, plus best quality Shure QLX wireless mics ensure bands are as happy on stage as crowds are on the dance floor and greens.