We have handled many corporate events and realize nobody wants to be embarrassed in front of those they wish to impress. Book us for your trainings, celebrations & milestones, demos, annual presentations and year end parties. Sierra Pacific Industries, the California Welcome Center, Far Northern, Simpson U and many others choose Netsound. Our projectors and large screens are impressive. The higher quality sound gear, easy going techs and on time service communicates to your audience that you made a smart choice. Many claim to charge the “going rate” and, to be honest, most companies can pay it — but, if you were renting a car for a day and it was $40, wouldn’t you rather get a Porsche over a Ford? Compare prices and realize our newer technology and cutting edge gear gives you added value. (Our QSC main KLA speakers, for example, cost $1500 each and they sound like a million bucks. Mackie, JBL and Peavey mains is what you often get when offered the ‘going rate’ and those cost $450 or less.) Our digital consoles are iPad controllable and allow us to simply condition the sound better, the Shure ULXP high end wireless mics we use make your presentation crystal clear without all the cutting out or plastic clunky-toy sound. Our lighting makes every event look more important than attendees expect upon arrival. First impressions…. Our large venue screens and projectors are modern 16:9 ratio and can be set to rear project if that makes more sense to the area. We’ve been in high pressure situations and know how to deliver excellence with peace and calm.


We can create up to a 24′ x 32′ foundation with our 24 decks. Leg height up to 30″. $25 per 4 x 8 board per day, plus delivery. A medium size 24′ wide by 16′ wide is 12 boards with stairs; rents for approx $375 on the day. Skirting? Add $50.