We are heading into our 8th season of weddings, but we also DJ school dances, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations of all kinds. This coming year alone we are servicing well over 150 parties. Don’t forget to add a PhotoBooth by Netsound or a flat screen TV, a black light, or even a large screen with a high lumen projector to complete your party package.

We believe in serving your event with professionalism, brand name gear, know how, and a fun-cool-calm demeanor under pressure. We will be up to date, discreet and appropriate. We bring well thought out playlists, professionalism, and credibility to your event without any awkward vibe or extra worry on your end. We keep events flowing smoothly to make it both memorable and enjoyable. Netsound quotes the rates any weekend DJ will quote you but we have an arsenal of well over $350,000 in top notch A/V gear.

Everyone values quality sound (or will grow to value it once they experience gnarly sound.) There’s nothing as rewarding and satisfying as working with professionals, so book us.

We have unique stuff like a custom battery back up system in the van that can power hours of remote PARTYING out in the woods away from electricity, if you need that. Our new K-Array speakers are super slim and clear as a bell, even in gyms and hard to mix locations. Everyone agrees that our lights and Photo Booth = great bang for buck. Bundle DJ+Sound+Lights+PhotoBooth and get our best rate. You’re in for the memorable event with Netsound!