Because Netsound handled a few impressive conference contracts in Hawaii and San Jose, we were able to acquire 3 really beautiful Fast-Fold screens 14ft wide x 8ft tall. These rent at $150 per day each. We also have 5 high lumen projectors (5500 lumen) which can be stacked to create an impressive 11,000 lumen shoot. $150 per day rental each. Ask about our 5 regular (3500 lumen) projectors for breakout rooms and classrooms at $100 per day each. If you like smaller 8 ft screens, we have 4 of those. 2 are 8’x5′, 2 are fixed frame 8’x6′. $100 each per day.

Just this year we acquired our first 75″ flat screen 4K TV. Rent the TV at $325 per day and be impressive!

One extra thing; we have many spandex shapes (white) which are stretchy screens. Some are 12ft wide, other 10ft and even some triangles shapes. You can up-light those stretchy shapes and also project onto them. Food for creative thought….