Videography package is Netsound partnering with MOMENT video productions. Choose any of the following offerings for approximately $175 per finished minute of video.



  • Wedding Bells: “LOVE the Moment”–12 min.  *the lead up, ceremony high points, fun, special words, fun interviews, dancing, romantics
  • School Dance: “SAVOR the Moment”– 5 min.  *the prep, hype, arrival, fun, interviews
  • Concert scene:  “RELIVE the Moment”– 12 min.  *the set up, interviews, 3 top song snippets, crowd dancing, talking heads, glowing references
  • Music Video (Venue):  “DUB the Moment”– 5 min.  *setting up, talking, humor, the lights, the song
  • Conference: “SHARE the Moment”– 9 min.  *the prep, the drivers, arrival, magic quotes, some interviews – set to music
  • Sports: “HIGHLIGHT the Moment”– 7 min.  *the pre game, fan arrival, build up, the moment, key game highlights, choice interviews – set to music
  • Infomercial:  “SEIZE the Moment”– 3 min.  *the product, hype, arrival, fun, some interviews
  • Inspirational “INSPIRE the Moment”– 4 min *the vision, the people, a tear jerker, mood music